Meals that keep the bank full and your stomach happy!

Have you ever been so hungry and want to go get something to eat but your bank account says “you should probably just eat stale crackers”, well good news there are meals that do exist that will not break your bank and NO they don’t taste like cardboard. These magical things that I am writing about are called $5 dinners. I have been trying these meals for a while now so yes I have tried them and yes they are delicious. However, I would be lying if I said that I loved them all, I will admit there are some that weren’t to my liking (just a personal preference).

The gist of these meals are that you buy all the ingredients for your meal and the grand total will be 5 dollars or less for each meal. How great is that! These meals can be quick and fast meals for those who are always on the go or ones that take time and taste like you spent $55 dollars on the meal but in reality you ONLY spent $5!

I started reading a blog by a woman Erin Chase otherwise known as the $5 dinner mom . She has a ton of recipes that I have come to love to make and my stomach/bank loves her for sharing them with the world. My favorites are the slow cooker recipes, because who doesn’t love to come home from a busy day and already have dinner made (I know I do)!  These dinners take minimal prep and with school right around the corner I cant wait to break out my crock pot and start making these delicious dinners again! There are a variety of recipes out there for your $5 dinner budget, you can find these on Pintrest or Erin’s blog.  Here are recipes for chicken dinners, pork, and beef (click here to check them out ).

One of my personal favorites is the Creamy Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Makes my mouth water just writing about it! Its great when the husband approves which, I think he may be liking (loving) these meals more than me sometimes! This recipe takes about 20 minutes to prep and 40 minutes to cook. I’m no master chief but these meals always seem to get some attention from friends and family. yum

Image by Erin Chase on her blog (

Another thing that is great about these $5 dinners is that they keep you away from eating out as often. At least for me knowing that I have a quick easy dinner to make keeps me from spending so much money on fast food (which now a days there is a fast food restaurant on just about every corner), these dinners are not only saving me big bucks but also keeping my husband and I healthy (BONUS)!

I tend to buy things at Sam’s Club or Costco (now that Lubbock has one) buying certain things in bulk can really help the budget. I tend to buy all of my protein in bulk and divide them into the meals and put them in the freezer until its time to make that certain meal.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about my take on these $5 dinners, and give them a try (it will bring a whole new light into your life)! Off to the grocery store to buy for this weeks dinners! Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by Tayssliceoflife! Until next time!






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